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Christian from KR Boston is the best real estate agent you can find. He is calm, caring and understanding. He will do everything to make sure you find the apartment that is best for you. Me and my roommates can not thank him enough for his kindness and understanding towards us. We found the perfect apartment and could not have done it without him.

Katherine Gagliardi

I highly recommend Christian!! He is very kind and it is clear that he genuinely cares about his clients. He helped my three roommates and I find the perfect apartment for our budget and its super close to the campus where we all go to
school. Could not be happier!

Penelope Hill

My boyfriend and I worked with Monique and really enjoyed our experience with her! She was responsive and helpful and it really felt like she listened to understand our needs. She walked us through the whole process and we are very happy with the result!

Kendra Yeager

Christian has done an amazing job from the start. He listens and understands what my husband and I were looking for. He also has given us good advice and made sure to find us a place worth our value. Thank you Christian for putting in excellent work and for your amazing customer service! We can’t thank you enough.

Maria Logakis

Christian was amazing to work with. He really listened to what we were looking for in an apartment, and went to bat for us looking for listings and speaking with landlords. He was very patient and took the time to make sure we were happy with a place we really love. Thank you so much!

Samara Gallagher

My roommates and I worked with Monique to find a place that was close to our university and within our budgets. She helped us find the place we loved and everything went smoothly. She talked us through the process and was helpful with everything we needed to fill out. Thank you so much!

Nicole Silva

Bethany was awesome! She really took the time to understand what we were after and found us numerous apartments that fit our price range, the area we were looking for, etc. She answered all of questions we had and was overall incredibly helpful! There was the occasional hiccup in the process (due to COVID as you might imagine) but Bethany helped us navigate those issues and handled them professional and in a timely manner.

Ultimately we decided not to move out of our current apartment but if we do decide to move again in the future we’ll definitely reach out to her and/or KR Boston again.

Timothy Jackman

Christian Boller was more than helpful during our process of finding a place. His professionalism and attention to detail were well received.

Derek Temple

Brandyn was awesome. Found me a great place for a great price on very short notice. I thought I’d give him an A or an A+, but I completely forgot there’ s an A++. Thanks again, Brandyn! A++

Matty DiGrigoli

Daniel Paulin was such a good help in helping my boyfriend and I find an apartment. He is very patient and got back to us promptly. Good sense of humor and professional. He will help you find a great place that suits your needs!

Raquel C

When I first connected with Shaun, he was very quick to suggest a video conference to get a face to face contact with me and my roommate. He was well prepared with options to show us, and had many others available that we looked at as well. Shaun was very communicative and responded to all of our questions and concerns quickly and with understanding. In closing on the place of our choosing, he has continued to be a go between to help us get the information we need seamlessly. I would highly recommend Shaun to anyone looking for an apartment in the Allston-Brighton area. He knew what we were looking for and was able to weed through the mess of available options to find things that fit our expectations, as well as educate us on what was more or less likely to find. Great experience.

Jayson Pusateri

I had a great experience with KR Boston! I moved to Boston from Toronto for school. I initially reached out in March, and Brandyn collected some listings and presented them to me. However, due to covid, the move was put on hold- he was understanding and professional, even though I felt bad he had done all that work for nothing. When I reached out again in August, he found new listings for me within just a few hours of me emailing, and even went to my choice apartment to give me a live virtual tour on Facetime. I was nervous to move to a new country during covid, but Brandyn found me a great deal with everything I was looking for, and kept me in the loop about what was going on. I was nervous about signing a lease without seeing the apartment in person, but it turned out exactly like the photos and the process was easier than I expected. He made the move smooth and easy for me. I really appreciate his help, and I would absolutely recommend him and his company. Thank you again! 🙂

Paris Gappmayr

I highly recommend KR Boston- they are the most professional real estate company I have worked with in the city. Brandon Evora was extremely helpful throughout our entire rental process. He showed us dozens of apartments and was incredibly patient with us. I cannot recommend him enough!!

Emma R

I worked with Xuan and she was lovely, very responsive and on top of her game! She made finding my first solo apartment very easy and enjoyable!!

Helen Barrios

I worked with Shaun at KR Realty, and he was fantastic. He answered any and all questions my roommates and I had in a timely manner and kept us updated on any information. Would definitely recommend.

Audrey MacKenzie

Brandyn, the agent I worked with, was very responsive and professional, providing us with a host of options that met our search. The agent made finding an apartment at a challenging time as easy as possible. A great experience overall, highly recommended!

Kevin MacKenzie

I enjoyed an excellent, professional experience when working with Brandyn at KR Boston. He made himself readily available for calls, texts, and emails as we looked for an apartment during the COVID-19 quarantine times. He made renting our first apartment, in a city we were not familiar with, an easy and stress-free experience.

Nicholas Lunsford

I worked with Daniel and locked down a place in around 72 hours from initial contact to finish. KR Boston is different than other realtors because they follow a 3 step process to help you find and secure a place. I will definitely recommend them to my friends in the area!

Brandon Thai Tran

Very professional! Easy to work with and communicate very well. Had a great and transparent experience.

Jennifer Yarin

Brandyn, the agent I worked with, was very responsive and thorough. He gave me virtual walk-throughs of apartments that matched what I was looking for. Would reccomend.

Sam Fidler

Dorianny is a fantastic agent, she knows her stuff and is always willing to go out of her way for last minute showings and to answer any questions. Our experience working with her was super smooth, she is very knowledgable, kind, and helpful. Whenever any of my friends need an agent, Dorianny is always my top recommendation.


Every time I need an agent, Dorianny is the person I call. She has helped my roommates and I find apartments for a few years now. Her patience and kindness with us is extremely appreciated! Working with Dorianny makes for a friendly and helpful experience.
She goes above and beyond to ensure that the process is understood at all times. She is prompt and efficient to answer ALL of our questions. Her expertise always exceeds my expectation

Emely Grover

Malena was extremely helpful in navigating my roommates and I through our first apartment process! She had a great attitude the entire time and really listened to what our needs were. She was very easy to contact and extremely responsive throughout the whole process. I felt very comfortable asking her questions (even if they seemed silly) and she was always willing to find an answer for me. Malena was extremely professional but also very friendly and approachable, and I really felt like she kept our best interests at the forefront of her mind.

Tori Hannon

Malena was fundamental in our final decision to apply for our first apartment. She helped us with the whole process related to the place we liked until we were really accepted. She was organized with all the information we needed and completely competent in assisting us in filling out the forms. We loved meeting her in person and it was a pleasure working with her.

Talita Luara Benedito

Ms Rymer went above and beyond to help us fond and secure an apartment for our son. She was always responsive and kept us informed through the entire process!

Dewey Raynor

She was awesome she helped me each step of the way and was always just a phone call or text away. She really cares about making sure her clients are happy and getting what they are looking for. I would recommend! 10/10


Brandyn was amazing in my search for a 1 bed apartment. Brandyn was super helpful and responsive, making sure to know of my preferences and got me an amazing house with a good price. The move in process was really smooth as well. Thanks Brandyn

Rahul Kumar Sinha

I HIGHLY recommend Danny Aschale. I’ve never had such an emmeditate quick easy way of aqcuiring a place. He finds the most suitable place for you depending on your budget, location, and move in date. He never dissapoints and always finds a solution. With him you are dealing with a proffesional and a friend, he is present and reachable 24/7, literally!!! I am glad to now have a home and a friend


Brandyn was amazing in every aspect of my search for finding my studio. He goes above and beyond. Even after he helped me find it I can still reach out to him with any questions I have. Highly recommend Brandyn.

Ava Donadio

She is new but very nice and helpful. This was my first time renting an apartment so I really have nothing to compare to.

I will likely go back to Malena and KR Boston again next time I am looking for an apartment.


Malena is super attentive and knowledgeable! She works quickly, efficiently and is very responsive. She helped me find a great apartment in a short period of time. I highly recommend her!

Alexandra Boland

Xuan was extremely helpful in facilitating finding an apartment for rent. Due to COVID and I was unable to travel to have in-person apartment viewings. Xuan was very helpful and took time to have a Zoom call and walk me through a number of listings that met the criteria that I was searching for. I was able to find a great listing with her help. Xuan also was a very reliable contact and was able to answer my questions about the property, whereas the landlord was unresponsive. Xuan responded usually the same day (within a few hours), or first thing the following morning. This helped ease a lot my anxiety in dealing with the move during COVID. Even after the move Xuan was able to help clear up a misunderstanding I had about the property that the landlord was, once again, unresponsive to.


Bethany gave my roommate and me plenty of options to choose from, and she likes to make sure you like the place and that it is the best option for you. She is always responsive and helpful whenever you need it! She genuinely cares about her clients. Even after moving in, she made sure everything went smoothly. She has consistently been there every step of the way. Working with her made moving to a new city very easy and comfortable for us.


I reached out to Brandyn back in January after seeing a listing on Facebook and although that specific unit had already been taken, he made sure to show me other options that suited my preferences and budget. We even scheduled apartment tours for that same evening!
The entire process between me reaching out and then signing the lease took about a week, and was much more efficient and less stressful than I anticipated. Brandyn was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the process and made sure to keep me in the loop.
Four months later and I’m living in an apartment that I love. An overall great experience with KR Boston!

Deborah C

My roommates and I worked with Allison Shook and she was PHENOMENAL. She was incredibly helpful and easy to reach at all times, and she went above and beyond to make sure we got the apartment we needed. I highly recommend her to anyone; you’d be super lucky to work with Allison!

Safia B

Christian immediately struck me as someone who was very responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable about the market when I first reached out to him. He was an excellent advocate for my husband and I when we found the perfect apartment and helped broker a great move-in deal for us. We couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend him and would certainly reach out to him again in the future should the need arise!

Audrey Le

Finding an apartment you like in Boston isn’t easy. I worked with Keller Williams and truthfully couldn’t have asked for a smoother experience. He was always very responsive to all my needs, he initiated any help and ensured I was taken care of every step of the way. From responding to my millions of questions to dropping off my keys William made sure I was confident in the apartment I was leasing. He’s super kind and will make sure you’re beyond satisfied with your experience. Check him out for any of your home searching needs.

Christopher Morales

Christian is the best! With our group of constantly changing people he was very patient and super helpful on helping us find an amazing apartment! We can’t thank enough. He deserves a gift card to his favorite restaurant (which we will be sending him). Thank you so much Christian!

Kaci Toms

Monique was absolutely amazing and really helped my group and I find our first apartment and stuck with us every step of the way. She answered all of our questions so quickly and thoroughly and found us amazing apartments that fit all of our criteria. Would definitely recommend her to any student looking for an apartment in Boston!!

Megan Toner

My roommates and I worked with Christian Boller for our apartment hunt and he found us an amazing space we are so excited to move in to! Christian took the time to get to know exactly what we were looking for and presented us with only his best options until we found the perfect place. He is very communicative, professional, and hard working, we are so happy to have found him! By far the best boston realty experience we’ve had, thank you so much!!

Allie McHugh

My partner and I are moving to Boston and we were completely new to the Boston real estate scene. After meeting with Ronald, we got a better sense of what to expect when applying for apartments. He listened to our priorities (location, price, etc.) and gave us good options from which to choose. I am especially grateful for how kind and patient he was as we figured out what was going to work best for our lives. Ronald provided valuable insights as we navigated the application process and was a great person to have on our team. We will definitely seek out his help for our next move.

Sophia Doescher

Brandyn Evora did a fantastic job. He helped me get a great deal on my apartment, and was very patient. I was in no rush to move, so I’m glad that he was patient with me till I found the perfect apartment for my needs. He’s very responsive and does an excellent job at making sure all your questions are answered, and was very outgoing and friendly which was very lovely. I would ask Brandyn to be my broker again in the future 100%!!!


Miss Olivia Bulgin was our agent for finding an apartment. She went above and beyond our expectations on finding the perfect place for us. She was responsive to our phone calls and met us whenever we needed. 11/10 would recommend.

Ilana Moon

I had a very positive experience with KR Realty. When I showed an interest in a property through on Sunday, they got back to me Monday morning and talked me through my criteria for an apartment and scheduled a virtual showing for later in the week. During the virtual showing, Ronald was very organized and helpful, laying out five properties that we were able to watch the video tours of together. Ronald also gave lots of other helpful information about the area that only locals would know. Lastly, he clearly explained the different expenses that each apartment had attached (broker fees, security deposits, etc) so that it was very clear exactly how much money each apartment would cost. Overall I had a very positive experience with KR Realty!

Connor Ladd

Was having a tough time finding that right apartment with the right price. This past August (post Covid-19) they(namely ROnald!) were on top of the virtual tours etc. made it really easy to find the right place! They are professional and at the same time do not let that get in the way of being human during the hunt for a living space! Very down to earth, thanks!

sven larsson

Sam took into account all of our wants and needs, he was extremely patient with us and very easy to communicate with.
He never tried to push us to close a deal but instead took the time to go over all our options and make sure that we were 100% satisfied. Even after we signed our lease, he stayed in contact and arranged a second viewing.
Sam was amazing and I am so glad we chose him to help us find our new apartment.

Cristian Rangel

Working with Shaun was great! He was able to answer any questions in a timely manner and is very friendly. We were able to find a great apartment. Would recommend!!!

abby prewitt

We had a great experience at KR Boston. Shaun made the process simple and easy. He was quick to respond to our questions and prepared listings the matched our criteria perfectly!

Anusha Ramnarayan

Professional realtors with a lot of experience about the Boston metro area! Ronald was very helpful. 10/10 would recommend


Ronald was awesome and stuck through it with us during the trial and error of applying to apartments.

Arleigha Bowser

Ronald Lovell is a great agent and it’s great to work with him, specially during this special time! Very fast with responding emails and message.

Haoyu Wang

Definitely recommended!!! Super helpful and responsive!!! Everything went smoothly and professionally.

Xiukui Ji

Very diligent and attentive to needs

Nick Rocha

I worked with Allison Shook at KR Boston to find my new apartment. She was organized, resourceful, responsive and extremely professional. She sent me a good list of apartments within my requirements, and helped me find a perfect apartment in Boston. She was extremely patient in answering all my questions, and prompt with her responses. She is also very aware of areas/localities in Boston. I would definitely recommend to work with her to find your new apartment in Boston.

Sanam Dharma

Dorianny was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process of finding an apartment.
Finding suitable rental properties in the Boston area is a difficult task. Out of the several brokers who reached out to us, Dorianny was the only person who understood our requirements and shared suitable properties with us.
Throughout the entire process, Dorianny was easy to connect with, often calling after her official hours to confirm we received documents. If we had to complete this process again, we would wouldn’t hesitate to work with Dorianny once more.

Theo Hassim

My roommates and I were searching for our first apartment out of college. It was a difficult process to navigate and we had many last minute changes in our plans. Malena went with the flow and was not rattled or annoyed by a single change! In return, she came up with even more listings that fit our new needs. She navigated this entire process with us despite a personal hardship and an uptick in the pandemic to make sure everything went smoothly. She made sure we did not settle for an apartment that was not completely up to our standard and that is something I really respect and appreciate. It felt like she became a friend to us and wanted to see us land in the perfect apartment, and that we did- all thanks to Malena. 10/10 would recommend to EVERYONE!

Molly Dion

Malena was super helpful and after so long looking around, in one week she helped us find our apartment and helped us with all the details. She is amazing!

Monique Lima

I cannot recommend Allison enough! She helped me find an apartment to rent, while I was out of the country. She was extremely attentive, patient, knowledgeable, and she even showed me an apartment through FaceTime so that I could see it “in-person.” Even after I rented the apartment, she has been very helpful and kind enough to keep answering my questions. If you need to find an apartment, without a doubt, she is the person to go to.

Alexa Name

Bethany was extremely reliable and was able to provide everything needed at a moments notice. She gave us plenty of options that catered to our requests. She made the process fast and easy. I will only be using Bethany for however long I am in Boston she is that good to her clients.

Alec Hazard

It’s great to work with Bethany, she is very professional, patient, and responsive! Me and roommate were looking to rent an apartment in Boston, and we gave her our budget and other search requirements and she’s very devoted into finding the right place for us. We cannot make it to the in-person tours, so she showed us every parts of the apartment through virtual calls and she is very responsive with questions. I highly recommend contacting her if you are looking for a comfortable home!

Malena was awesome! Best broker I’ve ever worked with. Super responsive and quick. So accommodating and great communicator. She worked diligently to find us an apartment and then was incredibly thorough in communications with the building/landlord. Can’t recommend enough!!

Isobel Morton

Brandyn was so attentive and helpful in finding me the perfect apartment that I needed. It was my first time renting by myself and he made the process flawless. Recommend him to anyone looking for a place to rent!

Isabella Langan

Bethany listened carefully to my wish-list, including target neighborhoods, amenities, size, and price range. She had patience showing me multiple sites and reaching out to specific property listings of interest. Despite the tight real estate market in Boston as fall approached, Bethany helped me secure an apartment within my price range within a matter of weeks. Best of all, she’s a pleasure to work with, as she is incredibly responsive and friendly.

Marisa Hobbs

William went above and beyond to help us find an apartment. This was our first apartment and William was so willing to make the process simple and easy. He was kind and quick to respond. Even after we had moved in, he still offered his help and provided helpful information.


Allison was amazing for us! As new renters and being new to Boston, Allison was able to help us understand what we wanted from an apartment and where we wanted it. She gave us several options and was more than happy to give us tours with just a weeks notice. We drove from out of town to look at the apartments and Allison made every second worth it.