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Rental Guide

Moving in
What’s required for move in?

Before your agent can hand you your keys on your move in date they need to make sure that you have all required documents and funds sent in to the landlord. We suggest that all funds are delivered to the landlord at a minimum 15 days before the move. If the funds and paperwork are not delivered by a day before the move in you may NOT be able to receive your keys on your move in date.

Listed below are all of the possible required move in documents and funds

Funds:                                                             Documents:

First months rent                                             Signed Lease

Last Months rent                                             Signed applications

Security Deposit                                             Original Notarized Cosigner Forms

Brokerage Fee                                               

Administrative Fee

Key and Lock Fee

Where to get your keys?

Receiving your keys can vary depending on the landlord. Your agent will communicate with you where and when you can pick up your keys. For most landlords you will be able pick the keys up either at the apartment you rented or KR Bostons office at 231 Harvard Ave #1, Allston, MA, 02134.

Can I move in early?

If you are looking to move in early, you must communicate that with the agent as early as possible. Please plan to move in on the date and time specified on your lease, if there is no time on the lease plan for after 12pm. KR Boston cannot release keys until the time specified on your lease unless otherwise noted.

For move-ins on September 1st a lot of current occupants are moving out on the 31st of August, For this reason, we can only guarantee a move-in on 9/1.

For vacant units, some landlords will ask for an additional prorated rent amounting to the daily rate over the span you are in the apartment prior to the lease.

What if something in the apartment is broken upon move in.

With the short turnaround times between tenancy, landlords have to address issues based on urgency. If there is an urgent issue in the apartment please contact the landlord first. As the agent we can only help communicate the issue to the proper party. We would be happy to help as much as possible! Please keep us in the loop and reach out to the landlord to help resolve any issues.

I am an applicant

How to fill out your application?

It is important to make sure your application is completed as completely and accurately as possible. For those reasons we have put some FAQ below

Q:Do I need to write above the line?


Q:If i live on campus/ with parents what do I put for the present landlord?

A:Write in address and either your parents or college student housing

Q: What do I need to fill out for credit reference?

A: If you are using a cosigner please write “see cosigner form” If you are not using a cosigner      please write “see credit report”

Q: if i don’t have a job what do i put?

A: N/A

Q: if i don’t have a former landlord what do I put?

A: No former landlord/ Lived with parents

Q: What do i fill out in the bottom right hand corner of the application?

A: You don’t have to fill this out, the agent will fill this out for you!

Q: Who do we run a credit check with?

A: Our credit checks are run through transunion

What we need with an application?

To submit the application your agent will need a few additional forms. Those are listed below!

Copy of State ID

Proof of enrollment or employment

  • This can be a class schedule
  • For employment please put 2 most recent paystubs


Copy of Visa’s (if applicable)

(if applicable)

Cosigner form (unnotarized)

Cosigner ID

 This can all be emailed to your agents email!

I am a cosigner

What it means to  be a cosigner?

A cosigner may be required for certain applicants. Applicants who have no verifiable income will require a cosigner, this generally includes (students, working professionals with little-no job history.

What a cosigner is to a lessee is essentially a guarantee, hence the alternative name of Guarantor. They will sign onto the lease as an individual that agrees to take over the expense of the lessee in the case that they do not pay their rent or default on the rent.

To do this they will need to fill out the cosigner form with all pertinent information. Once the landlord is approved, they will need to notarize the form and send it in to KR Boston.
How to fill out your form

To fill out the form, the landlord will require all information to be filled out. We run background checks on all cosigners, this requires a 9 digit SSI. We request that you fill it out and send the form back to us securely through dot-loop. If you would like to look into other ways to transfer the information, contact your agent.

Where to send your ID

Your ID can be sent via Email to the agents email. For any questions about their email, please see the agent contact info at

FAQ lease questions

Can I sublet

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